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fess parker - Dunagan.pdf
one poem in untitled sections

Other People for Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange.pdf
These are excerpts from my book Other People, which you will be able to read in-full soon at my website.   The final page has a link that doesn't appear to be working. It's a bonus.

"Ruins of a glittering palace" is a collaborative chapbook with poetry by Maw Shein Win and paintings by Mark Dutcher.

A chapbook consisting of groups of variations on Emily Dickinson poems in German translation mistranslated back into English.

Nomenclature, Miigaadiwin, a Forked Tongue is a chapbook by Aja Couchois Duncan originally published by CC Marimbo Press.

Linguascapes for Poetry Center Exchange.pdf
Linguascapes by Carrie Hunter. ypolita press, 2012.

By Mary Burger.
Matlike uses mycorrhizal structures as models for ecological being. Portions of this work have appeared in Aufagabe, Brooklyn Rail, and VOLT, and are forthcoming in Encyclopedia.

Heels chafing onthe shore is a mysterious structure sitting at the end of an empty beach. Come inside and you'll be received warmly, but you will be expected to sit down and think. Here are sandcastles and seeds, bottles and lamps, insect wings and…

collection of 16 intersection poems
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