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Other People for Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange.pdf
These are excerpts from my book Other People, which you will be able to read in-full soon at my website.   The final page has a link that doesn't appear to be working. It's a bonus.

"Ruins of a glittering palace" is a collaborative chapbook with poetry by Maw Shein Win and paintings by Mark Dutcher.

A chapbook consisting of groups of variations on Emily Dickinson poems in German translation mistranslated back into English.

FIRST LOVE chapbook.pdf
A single-poem e-chapbook created for The Poetry Center's Chapbook Exchange archive

an ecopoetic investigation into water systems, land use, histories and resistance around Glen Echo Creek in Oakland, CA.

Limited edition chapbook published by Lew Gallery in San Francisco in 2011.

A poetic exploration of butterflies and memory.

This chapbook, published for the 2013 dusie kollektiv, is a prose-poem meditation on an extremely strange statement by Aristotle.

%221.1%22 - %221.31%22 (from Continuum), for Poetry Center Center Chapbook Exchange.docx
"1.1" - "1.31" is an excerpt from the book C o n t i n u u m (1,000 pages written in 1,000 consecutive days, 1.5.11 - 9.30-13).
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