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%221.1%22 - %221.31%22 (from Continuum), for Poetry Center Center Chapbook Exchange.docx
"1.1" - "1.31" is an excerpt from the book C o n t i n u u m (1,000 pages written in 1,000 consecutive days, 1.5.11 - 9.30-13).

A poetic exploration of butterflies and memory.

A chapbook consisting of groups of variations on Emily Dickinson poems in German translation mistranslated back into English.

A Hummingbird, Your Heart PDF.pdf
Poetry chapbook by Doireann NíGhríofa first published by Smithereens Press on 7th January 2014

FIRST LOVE chapbook.pdf
A single-poem e-chapbook created for The Poetry Center's Chapbook Exchange archive
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