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%221.1%22 - %221.31%22 (from Continuum), for Poetry Center Center Chapbook Exchange.docx
"1.1" - "1.31" is an excerpt from the book C o n t i n u u m (1,000 pages written in 1,000 consecutive days, 1.5.11 - 9.30-13).

Anarch. chapbook.PDF
A single-poem chapbook, designed, typeset, and handsewn by Brian Teare for Woodland Editions. This long poem also appears in my book Anarch. (Futurepoem, 2012).

Minimal Metrical Melodies

by B. James

All the Water All the Waves follows one woman's transformation as she shifts form. Perfect for teens, college students, and adults, All the Water is a witch-inspired book that your fierce grandma would love.

With Bokeh Focus, Raymond Luczak trains his photographer’s eye as a gay man upon his subjects and examines the impact of imagery on one’s own identity.

A poetic exploration of butterflies and memory.

A chapbook consisting of groups of variations on Emily Dickinson poems in German translation mistranslated back into English.
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